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The Kick on Softboots made by Oxess!

The very hot FX board is having a carbon surface like most of the race boards and unifies the perfect race performance with ultimate freeride feelings. These snowboards are also having the DCS (Direct Contact System) of Oxess inside. Every FX snowboard can be individually customized on the customers requirements. Available lengths: 168cm, 163cm, 157cm or also on customer request.

Freeride FX
Model Length Edge Radius min. Width Stance
FX157 1.57 m 1.32 m 9.5 m 244 mm 520 mm
FX163 1.63 m 1.39 m 10.0 m 260 mm 540 mm
FX168 1.68 m 1.43 m 10.0 m 260 mm 550 mm
X-1 FX 1.69 m 1.49 m 10.0/13.0 m 259 mm 550 mm

Modelle / Technische Daten

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