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Carve & Skwal 

Carving at its best for all those who have chosen the most beautiful way of snowboarding. Snowboards and Skwal by Oxess offer a wide range of different models, which you can hardly find anywhere else.

XXR, min. width 164mm:

With an XXR, the customer moves on a board that allows extremely quick edge changes. The agility of the snowboard is astonishing, the impressive ice grip and the enormous smooth-running of the snowboard are impressive. The variable radius also makes it possible to make the most different turns only by changing the pressure distribution. Basically, the XXR is a snowboard with which you want to ride rather fast.

RXR, min. width 184mm:

The RXR is simply the ideal carver for all those who are not only looking for extreme situations, but also want to get a little bit more comfortable. The snowboard can be used very flexibly and makes it a pleasure for everyone to get into carving.

SXR, min. width 200mm:

The SXR is slightly wider than the RXR. On the one hand, this makes it possible for many to ride more comfortably with a lower binding angle. On the other hand, it also allows the Extreme Carving style. In addition, the SXR's smooth-running and stability are even higher.

WXR, min. width 210mm:

If this is not enough for you, because either smaller binding angles are required or you want to carve even more extreme (with edge angles up to 90 degrees!), we developed the WXR. In addition, the edge profile is multiradial again, which makes it possible to accelerate more towards the end of the turn. The WXR is designed in such a way that even with a low rear edge angle, a cleanly cut backside turn is easily possible.

The SX from Oxess is the best choice for those who prefer a slim designed board. The Skwal has been continuously developed and offers enormous smooth-running with maximum agility to the rider. The SX resists extreme pressure and is very durable.

Skwal SX
Carving RXR
Carving WXR
Carving XXR
Model Type TC TC2 Carbon Titanal Carbon Length Edge Radius min. Width Stance
RXR158 Carving X x 1.58 m 1.44 m 9.0 m 184 mm 480/520
RXR166 Carving X x 1.66 m 1.52 m 9.5 m 184 mm 480/520
RXR172 Carving X x 1.72 m 1.58 m 10.5m 184 mm 520 mm
RXR178 Carving X x 1.78 m 1.64 m 11.5 m 184 mm 520 mm
RXR182 Carving X x 1.82 m 1.68 m 12.5 m 184 mm 520 mm
XXR158 Carving x x x 1.58 m 1.44 m 8.5/10.5 m 165 mm 480/520
XXR166 Carving x x x 1.66 m 1.52 m 9.0/12.0 m 164 mm 480/520
XXR174 Carving x x x 1.74 m 1.60 m 10.0/13.0 m 164 mm 520 mm
XXR178 Carving x x x 1.78 m 1.64 m 10.5/13.5 m 164 mm 520 mm
XXR182 Carving x x x 1.82 m 1.68 m 11.0/14.0 m 164 mm 520 mm
WXR166 Carving x x x 1.66 m 1.52 m 9.0/12.0 m 210 mm 480/520
WXR174 Carving x x x 1.74 m 1.60 m 10.0/13.0 m 210 mm 520 mm
SX174 Skwal x 1.74 m 1.60 m 10.5 m 111 mm 400 mm
SX178 Skwal x 1.78 m 1.64 m 14.0 m 118 mm 400 mm

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