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Michelle Gorgone

Oxess only uses materials of highest quality. There are no compromises made to achieve and offer the best possible product for our customers.

Each snowboard has a vertically bonded wood core, based on beech and poplar wood. Glass fiber, carbon fiber as well as titanium are selected accurately from the best suppliers. Base, edges, inserts and all other used materials fulfill highest requirements.

The absolutely special method, how snowboards are compressed at Oxess, increases the life expectance massively and makes the decision to a rewarding investment, when buying a snowboard made by Oxess. With this self developed method of vacuum technology, products can be compressed with a pressure up to 100 tons per m2. The computer-controlled heating allows Oxess, to bond all components perfectly.

All snowboards of Oxess are fully Swiss handmade. On request they can be produced custom-made as well. So every snowboard can be tuned exactly to the expectations of each customer. Each model can be built for women, men or juniors. Different stances, stiffness, individual flex or also completely new shapes are no problem for Oxess, as long as we can stand behind the product. Generally there are no limits in making individual snowboards.