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Snowboardcross by Oxess: The way to victory

For SBX Oxess is the top address. Specially these boards can be produced absolutely customizec, perfectly fitting to the athlets requirements. The success of the past years are proove of the outstanding performance of Oxess snowboards: 5x SBX Worldcup, 20 Victories in Worldcup, Worldchampion 2009, Olympic Victory 2010, domination of the Youth World Championship 2012 and so much more.... many very young riders on Oxess are going to dominate their older competitors and ride to victory.

Nose and tail are perfectly designed to reduce vibrations. The enormous length of the edges (compared to the overall length) grants for perfect runs. Weight reduction without any compensation on quality and a very special pin tail, combined with the perfect side cut are completing this outstanding snowboard.

For each snowboard the athlete can choose one of the 3 different noses (competition, medium, freeride). Further customizing is always possible, we give you the perfect consultancy to get your individual snowboard.

BX with competition nose

Nose-types competition, medium, freeride (click to enlarge)

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